Back to Ethiopia We Go!!!

Yes, nearest blog, we are back, We are sorry for our absence, but will now try to visit you regularly.  Here is our

latest update.


SODDO: 15 JUNE 2014
WOLAITTA VILLAGE is still the place where the FOOD PRODUCTION CENTER is to be established and we have been here now for 3 months! We are working with (based in Arizona) to create an infrastructure/business on behalf of an Ethiopian NGO with whom we worked with during 2006-2011. The director and staff are still dedicated to serve the poor, orphans and widows of the southern region in Ethiopia.
…it was during our early days in 2006, that I cried out to the Lord after a challenging week in our Soddo orphanage – along with staff, we fed and attended to many malnourished children, listened to sad reports of how families have layed down their dying children. I asked the Lord where we are missing the solution, since HE created Africa with such wealth in its earth, we MUST be blind to the resolve……? The Father’s words: “it is under your feet” motivated me to research what is in this land – so, with the Ethiopian orphanage staff, HE showed me what is here and I discovered an already simple ‘muke’ which was being used by mothers in labor to replenish their strength after giving birth. After months of researching and learning all I could about what ‘is under our feet’, a recipe containing 11 Ethiopian grown products was born! We started producing in the Soddo orphanage and the children started healing and recover over the next few months. I had the product tested for nutritional value and shelf life, to discover that it was well balanced, just needed another plant oil, so I added the needed product and now we have 12 products in this recipe. We are in the process of patenting, so I cannot share more details at this time.
TODAY: ……construction of the FOOD PRODUCTION CENTER on the CCC-WOLAITTA VILLAGE property, is almost complete! We are using the beautiful physical plan of the Arizona State University Students (Masterclass of 201) who designed the vision into a well orchestrated, harmonious plan – under guidance of well known Architect: Jack DeBartelo! We are hoping to start “Mittin Production” during July 2014! Exciting days!

As a result of our African experience, we are learning/have learnt that sustainability plans within a nation, provides many more layers towards independence. We are convinced that international funding and fuelling of projects, does not motivate long term (self)sufficiency. We trust that this model and module to teach and train simple business concepts, finding ‘gaps’ in the market, providing in the need and building simple businesses, will provide the needed funding for the overall heart and vision that compassionate leaders have to feed the actual needs in their communities.
This will be the first business module of its kind for this NGO. Much time is devoted to training and casting vision. We are already researching future business options, which will provide revenue for CCC to care for the poor, orphans and widows. We are currently waiting on approval of a proposal to provide orphan care within Ethiopian families – as many abandoned infants have no where to go, mortality rates are high for both newborns and birthing mothers. During our earlier living here, about 19 orphanages opened, but the government closed down many and today, only the CCC-children’s home is operating and the demand is overwhelming. Along with the NGO, we do believe that orphanages are not a long term solution. So, we are researching for ways to place abandoned and orphaned children into loving families, providing help from within Ethiopia through a compassionate Ethiopian NGO.
If you would like to invest or seed into this ministry/work, please let us know via email and we will gladly guide you!


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