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Update on “A Day in Soddo”…..

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….. the toll of malnourishment is severe in Ethiopia!  She came too late…. our hearts ached as we had to inform little Bertukwan’s family that we could not ‘save’ her! On Sunday morning she quietly released her last breath and we trust that she went to be with the Lord, free from this suffering and pain.   CCC organized the funeral and called on the family to come get her remains for burial.

As the gate closed behind this family, a desperate father walked through the entry gate, with this little bundle in his arms – her mother passed away after her birth and he cannot care for the 5 siblings waiting at home – as well as this newborn…… my heart bounced, for a moment, I just wanted to ask the Lord for time……just a little space between life and death, but this is the true reality of life here!  CCC rescued this little one, with the police asking if we would please come to a nearby village to help with another infant who was left in an empty hotel room……

Lingering over open graves, are not possible here, there simply is not time – we rejoice in the compassion of a family member who would not allow a newborn to die – CCC values these moments, but oh, so many so constantly!

We need the larger Children’s Home desperately!