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Dik-Dika and Mittin in Soddo

Here, Mark and Sidney (CCC-WV-Construction Manager) just purchased their second Dik-Dik (a little female) who arrived quite distraught, with a few injuries to her neck and tail.   It is their desire to create a peaceful home with these local antelope (smallest of its kind).  It has been a little bit of a struggle for them to feed these little ones, because the arrived as babies – unsure about their mothers, but Sidney (who is a passionate animal lover) has quickly mastered assessing their needs and has been feeding them infant formula, but the regular feeds did not fill them, so we brainstormed about the possibility of MITTIN…….?





IZA (bigger Dik-Dik) is growing well, but he is a “Mamma’s boy” – follows Sidney as she plays with them through their garden and responds to her call.  These Dik-Diks truly make wonderful pets!






Three weeks later, a mixture of MITTIN and formula is showing marvelous results!  A larger bottle is required since the babe is now stronger, after she gulps down her wonder mixture with great joy, she follows Sidney to the front door where………





……… her veggies awaits!    Quite the ‘lodge’ to live at!   We delight in watching these little animals grow!  They are not the snuggly kind, but tame now and a hopeful moment in the midst of all the sadness here.





She is a little bit more independent than her male friend, but Sidney knows just how to call her to come eat!  Sidney thought that the larger male has been weened by now, but oh, he regressed!   He loves drinking his bottles and eagerly waits for the second one!





So, just reporting that MITTIN may now also be considered for your pets……!  Hmmm, what next?

Blessings to you as we share in the joy of dear friends and all that we bring into each other’s lives!