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Water Issues

Two donkeys just delivered the first water for the day to the Soddo Children’s Home where we now host  28 orphans.   We normally have 3 donkeys making 6-8 trips per day to bring water from the river nearby.  Today, we were informed that even the river is running low and the water boy could not use the 3rd donkey

The blue containers are filled for cooking so that the children have drinking water and the cooks have water for cooking








It is dry season, the days are hot  – everyone is suppose to drink more water than usual, but the cooks need to boil the water first for drinking, the one purifier is not enough as well.  We are nervous and unsure about where the next water would come from.   The owner just gave us permission to drill a well on this small compound, but then the well drillers are now increasing their prices, which makes a well so very expensive!   It will however solve the problem for the next few months while we build WV-children’s Home.   The situation is difficult – I had to encourage the staff and especially the nannies, who have to keep the children clean and healthy.   After a while of encouraging the staff, one management member turned to me and said:  “we will appreciate the comfort of WV soon…….”

My first thoughts were that simply need the funds to dig the foundation!  The Construction Person is ready to go, we are just finalizing the building permit and then we can break ground……!   There is excitement in the air, but the reality of how to care for 28 orphans, is a tremendous stress on the staff as well.   The Regional Government made a surprise visit last week, but only visited the In-Country-Home and they were so impressed with the work of Children’s Cross Connection.   They are focussing on the health and hygiene of Orphanages and without water, this may soon be a serious problem!

Please pray for us as we try to overcome the stresses of not having enough water!